Pack the City-County Council: Appoint Owens to IndyPL Board now!

Monday, February 6
7:00 pm
200 E. Washington St.

Public Assembly Room

Following the resignation of T.D. Robinson from the Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees, the Indianapolis City-County Council to appoint a people’s representative who will enact the will of the community. AFSCME 3395 leadership endorsed Karla Lopez Owens as the person who will best represent the interests of the community and library workers.

The demand to appoint Nichelle Hayes as IndyPL CEO has been ignored by the majority of the board, currently dominated by City-County Council appointee, Hope Tribble. However, Stephen Lane, an organizer and ex-library worker, was recently appointed by the Indianapolis Public School Board of Commissioners – the same body that appointed the previous Board president, Jose Salinas. Lane is a committed advocate of the people’s choice, Hayes, and joins Drs. Murtadah and Payne in their support of Hayes.

In early January, the council expressed their support for Hayes in an open letter signed by a majority of councilors, including council President Vop Osili. They now have an opportunity to put their words into action by appointing Owens to replace Robinson. However, it’s clear that they won’t do so unless we make them.

It’s crucial that we pack the Monday City-County Council meeting to remind our councilors of their duty to represent their constituents, who unequivocally want IndyPL Board appointees to represent the people of the city!

From the very beginning of this struggle, we’ve demanded that the IndyPL Board appoint Nichelle Hayes as permanent CEO. That demand still stands, and this Monday is our chance to make it a reality!

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