Liberation Info Session: Learn how you can fight for socialism and liberation

Saturday, June 26
2:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave., 3rd floor

In recent history, spontaneous mass protests have erupted that have significantly changed mass consciousness. Yet when protests die down, the status quo quickly reinforces itself. There are many rebellions, fewer revolutions. Rebellions express the inability of the system to resolve its own contradictions using the existing political framework. Revolutions resolve those contradictions: a new framework, a new system.

Yet revolutions don’t make themselves, and unless there’s a force capable of leading a rebellion into a revolution, the racist and capitalist system might change a policy here or there, but will remain intact. We need to build for the revolution here and now, and we need disciplined and dedicated leadership to do that.

Join the PSL for this Liberation Info Session on how to move from a participant to a revolutionary leader and organizer. Learn why we need to connect struggles together to build a multinational party that truly represents the working and oppressed.

Now is the time to build for revolution. Thirty-seven percent of people in the U.S. view socialism positively, according to a Gallup survey from last year. Among the rising generation of voters, the numbers are substantially higher. According to the Gallup analysis: “Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51 percent) as they are about capitalism (45 percent).”

At a time when the top 10% wealthiest hold 70% of all wealth in the U.S., 43% of American households can’t afford a budget that includes housing, food, childcare, healthcare, transportation, and a cellphone yet racist police terror, and gentrification run rampant in working class communities, many people are asking: “Can capitalism liberate us from oppression?” and “What is socialism?”

Join the Indianapolis branch of the PSL for presentations and discussions on why socialism is on the rise, what it has to do with liberation politics, the history of our organization locally and nationally, and how you can build the movement!