Liberation Forum: Money for war but can’t feed the poor?, 9/30

Friday, September 30
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave., 3rd floor auditorium

After organizing & community outrage, the City of Indianapolis, Citizens Energy Group, and slumlord JPC were forced to a tentative agreement. While guaranteeing that over 1400 apartments on the Southside won’t have their water and gas shut off, it leaves the future of these complexes and their residents uncertain.

Meanwhile, the US govt just sent another $50B to fund the NATO war on Ukraine, and the Biden administration refuses to forgive student loans en masse.

As we celebrate our victory in preventing local shut offs, what’s next for the movement? How and why should we connect this struggle to the fight against war and student debt?

At this month’s Liberation Forum, hear leading organizers from Indianapolis analyze the underlying issues and connections between the struggles for housing & utilities, student loans, and peace.