Liberation Flicks: “Precious Knowledge”

Friday, January 14
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave., 3rd floor auditorium

Our first Liberation Flicks of 2022 intervenes in the nascent right-wing assault on public education in Indiana. The massive participation by students, teachers, and even school administrators in the anti-racist uprising of 2020 has already had an effect on schools, one that reactionary forces nationwide are pushing back against. Several bills have already been submitted that attack progressive gains in schools or seek to prescribe curriculum, including efforts to give parents considerable control over curriculum and their student’s participation in it.

We’re screening Ari Luis Palos & Eren Isabel McGinnis’ Precious Knowledge, a film about the struggle over Ethnic Studies (or Raza Studies) in Arizona. The film is an inspiring story about the struggles of students, teachers, and their communities to use education for liberatory ends!

*event is free but donations are encouraged