Liberation Forum: The working class fights back

Friday, May 26
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave., 3rd Floor Auditorium

Join us for our May Liberation Forum! As International Workers’ Day, a day of protest and celebration of the working-classes struggle dating back over a century, started this month, our forum will focus on recent, ongoing, and upcoming labor struggles. Workers and unions fighting–and winning–struggles does not just occur in history or in France; there are recent, ongoing, and pending fights for a society that is organized and run by and for all working people, instead of the owners.

Our first speaker will provide an update on the ongoing struggle for the community and the union’s voices to be heard and respected in our public library. Four members of the library board undemocratically and in violation of their own stated plans and rules appointed a permanent CEO. It is obvious they meant for this to be the end of the struggle, but the trustees, like all bosses, do not dictate when and how working and oppressed people struggle. We will learn about how this fight for basic democracy in our public institutions has progressed and how we can continue to push for a library that represents us.

Our second speaker will report back on the recent youth delegation to Cuba. We will hear a first hand account of what Cuba is really like and how the criminal blockade is part of the same unaccountable war on working and oppressed people that leads to low wages and undemocratic public institutions. This speaker will also tell us how we can and must organize to end the blockade and our government’s astronomical spending on sabotaging worker power around the world.

Our final speakers will connect historic and recent labor struggles across the United States to demonstrate that we are in a resurgent period of class war. The “inflation” crisis is in fact a crisis of capitalist greed. History is not over, though, and working and oppressed people are fighting for better pay, safer working conditions, and more. These speakers will also connect local and upcoming struggles to all of our own workplaces and our struggle to live decent lives while selling our time to billionaires. We hope to see you there so you can get involved in the struggle for real democracy, socialism, and a society free of all forms of oppression!