Take action now: John “Balagoon” Cole of the Pendleton 2 is under attack!

The following statement, originally posted on IDOC Watch, is an important update on the mistreatment of a political prisoner held captive right here in Indiana. You can learn more about the Pendleton 2 and their struggle for justice here.

John “Balagoon” Cole is under attack at Wabash Valley Correctional Facility! On Monday evening, a day after Balagoon had a conversation on a prison phone with a member of the Defense Committee about promising developments in the Freedom Campaign and important documents he was preparing to mail out, his cell was trashed by other prisoners, likely working for the guards or administration.

For over a year, Balagoon has been held in a modified restrictive status housing unit at WVCF called G-House without any justification under IDOC Policy & Procedure.

Please call IDOC HQ and email IDOC Classification Director Jack Hendrix to demand that Balagoon be moved to general population.

IDOC HQ: (317) 232-5711 ext. 0 ext. 2 and Classification Director Jack Hendrix: JDHendrix@idoc.in.gov

“Hello, I’m [calling/emailing] to demand that John Cole #14658 be moved from G-House at Wabash Valley CF. Mr. Cole has been held in G-House without justification under IDOC Policy & Procedure for several months, and should have been released to general population already!”