Joe Hogsett, stop defending killer cops: Fire IMPD Chief Taylor!

Tuesday, November 28
12:00 pm
251 E Ohio St.

Despite the sharp rise in police shootings in 2023, little action has been taken by Indianapolis politicians to combat this epidemic of police violence. Instead of being held accountable when they shoot citizens, cops are provided with an indefinite, paid vacation, which is financed by tax-payer money while the police and politicians investigate themselves on their own timeline.

Previously, the community sought a meeting with Prosecutor Ryan Mears to further discuss prosecuting IMPD officers for the murders of our neighbors. However, Mears refused to even hold a dialogue with the community, instead deploying increasingly hostile and threatening tactics against the peaceful group. After weeks of protesting and spotlighting Mears’ complicity, protesters filed a lawsuit against Mears’ landlord and, more recently, against Mears and his office.

During a Nov. 21 action, Mears threatened to arrest the families and communities of recent IMPD victims. It is now clear that the legal system is the best avenue for the struggle to win our basic democratic rights against his office.

Yet the growing movement led by IMPD victims’ families, communities, religious, and political organizations is not slowing down. Instead, they are expanding their scope. In particular, they are now targeting Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Join this growing movement to demand real justice for the people of Indianapolis. We demand that Joe Hogsett fire IMPD Chief Randal Taylor for his continued support and encouragement of IMPD’s wanton acts of violence!