The struggle continues: Pack the IndyPL board meeting!

Monday, January 23
6:30 pm
Library Services Center (2nd floor)
2450 N. Meridian St.

In a hurried “special meeting” on Tuesday that prohibited public comment, the IndyPL Board allocated hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars to creating a new executive-level administrative position on 1/17, appointing Anita J Hardin as “Chief Administrative Officer,” a position with a salary up to $190,000. This move serves only to further delay appointing a new CEO while wasting public funds.

The Indianapolis community has absolutely no trust in the current Board. The Board has obstinately refused to listen or respond to our demands. Throughout this struggle, the two Board members who have supported the community–Drs. Murtada and Payne–were in the minority Board President Hope Tribble relentlessly steamrolled. That changed today with Stephen Lane’s appointment to the Board, a massive victory for Indianapolis. However, we still need a majority of members who listen to patrons and there is much work to be done.

Our demands still stand: Appoint Hayes as CEO Now! Tribble must resign!

To right their wrongs, it is up to us. We have to keep organizing and showing up. All out for the next public Board meeting on Monday, January 23 at 6:30! After they’ve made their decision–without any public input–we will speak at the public comment period. Let’s be sure that we are loud enough so they have to hear us, even as they bury their heads deeper and deeper into the hole they won’t stop digging for themselves!

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