On Nov. 8 Indy demands: Medicare for all and nothing less!

Monument Circle (south side) @ 6:00 pm

to City-County Council meeting @ 6:45 pm

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On Monday, November 8 the Indianapolis City-County Council will consider Special Resolution 2007, endorsing the passage of Medicare for All. The resolution rightly acknowledges that “more than 860,000 Hoosiers and 46 million Americans live with no health insurance” and “the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the nation is due to prolonged illness and medical bills, and Indiana has one of the highest rates of medical bankruptcy in the country.”

The Indianapolis branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Central Indiana DSA are holding a rally and march to the City-County Council meeting to demand Indianapolis officially endorse Medicare for All! Then we will march to the Indianapolis City-County building and sit in on the city council meeting, agitating for their support of the Medicare for All resolution.  We’re standing up and fighting back against this brutal system, demanding Medicare for All— and nothing less! Providing free, high-quality health care is not some pie-in-the-sky dream; it’s something realizable in the now. It just takes a working class movement to fight for it.

Join us as we continue building a movement to win:

  • Medicare for All and nothing less!
  • Health care as a human right!
  • Money for health care, not for racist cops!