In leaked email, Hope Tribble threatens board from dissenting

In an email obtained by the Indianapolis Liberator from an anonymous source, Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees President Hope Tribble threatens any Board members from making “any additional or public statements” on the press release she distributed hours earlier without the knowledge or consent of over half of the Board members. She does so by asking members to “bear in mind counsel advice that trustees maintain confidentiality about this matter.” The email is dated Jan. 3, 7:15 pm.

The Indianapolis Liberator staff believe it is likely that Tribble had no basis for this thinly-veiled threat based on the statement sent to our paper hours later by Stephen Lane, Dr. Khaula Murtadha, and Dr. Pat Payne.

The full text of Tribble’s email is below and available as a PDF here.

Subject: Statement released to the media today – Resending to include Mary Barr

Fellow Trustees,

I am sending this message to provide additional context about the statement that was issued today as part of the settlement agreement with Nichelle Hayes. Please recall that during the October 5 executive session for review of the terms of the agreement with Nichelle Hayes, we discussed that there would be a statement released regarding the departure. The terms specified the inclusion of a two-part public statement by the Library:

1) Wishing Nichelle Hayes the best in her future endeavors; and
2) Expressing appreciation for her years of exemplary service to the Library and the community.

Following the executive session on October 5, the board, in a public, special meeting approved Resolution 65-2023 (attached), authorizing the Library CEO and attorneys to finalize the settlement agreement. The public statement was an essential term of the settlement agreement and was negotiated by both Library attorneys and Ms. Hayes’s attorney. The exact negotiated and agreed upon language was placed in the agreement.

Please direct any inquiries about the statement issued today or the settlement to Mary Barr and bear in mind counsel advice that trustees maintain confidentiality about this matter as part of our fiduciary responsibility, and refrain any additional or public statements, which could be considered a breach of and undermine the terms of the settlement agreement.

Thank you.

Hope C. Tribble
Trustee and President of the Board
Indianapolis Marion County Public Library Board
2450 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0211

Featured photo: Tribble keeps her head down as community members voice their opposition to the appointment of Greg Hill to the position of CEO at the April Public Board of Trustees meeting. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.