Eyewitnesses confirm IMPD lied to cover up their murder of Dreasjon Reed

The following is a press release from the Law Firm of Fatima Johnson, who is representing the Reed family, which notes that “every witness that spoke with Mr. Reed’s family’s attorneys disputed that Mr. Reed brandished a weapon or shot a gun before he was shot to death.” Meanwhile, the Coroner’s Office is refusing to hand over the autopsy report and the IMPD is stalling their investigation.

On Monday, they petitioned the Marion Superior Court to compel the IMPD to name the officer who killed Reed and the officer who joked about Reed’s death. IMPD claims they’re withholding the names because the officers have been “threatened,” although they have offered no proof.

by The Law Firm of Fatima Johnson

Just days shy of a month since the senseless death of Dreasjon “Sean” Reed in broad daylight, too many questions remain unanswered. On May 11, 2020, the Marion County Coroner’s Office disclosed to the family that the autopsy report was completed. On May 26, 2020, the family’s attorneys went directly to the Coroner’s Office to ask why the report had not yet been produced. The Coroner’s Office then said the report would not be completed for at least another three weeks. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has yet to release the names of who shot Mr. Reed. Mayor Hogsett, IMPD, and city officials have not provided the attorneys any details concerning the Mayor’s request for the FBI and Department of Justice to monitor IMPD’s investigation and were unable to provide names of any federal investigators assigned to the case. These actions, along with the pace of the investigation, have forced public questioning of the IMPD’s version of account of the incident.

As civil unrest continues around the country in what can only be described as a nation’s combined frustration concerning the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and others, the citizens of Indianapolis are likewise frustrated regarding the death of Dreasjon Reed. After it was announced that The Law Firm of Fatima Johnson would ensure that pro bono attorneys would represent eyewitnesses who were afraid to come forward, motorists who were stopped on the street where Mr. Reed was shot were able to speak to Mr. Reed’s family’s attorneys.

Every witness that spoke with Mr. Reed’s family’s attorneys has disputed that Mr. Reed brandished a weapon or shot a gun before he was shot to death. Mr. Reed’s family is committed to fighting for the truth about what happened that fateful day.

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