ANSWERing the call for justice: July Hope Package assembly

Saturday, July 20
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

Join us on the third Saturday of July for our monthly package assembly! Get to know your neighbors, participate in community education, and work toward a future of collective liberation. 

This month, we will be joined by ANSWER Indiana (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). The ANSWER Coalition works to build a multi-national, multi-gendered movement powerful enough to end white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialist war, and the domination of the banks and corporations. The last item on our 10-Point Program demands funding for real public safety. Surveillance cameras and additional police presence do not keep the community safe. 

Indiana gives the Israeli “Defense” Forces over $51 million per year; Indianapolis alone gives $12.8 million! Tens of millions of dollars are funding the genocide in Gaza while our state expresses time and time again that there is no money for education, the arts, healthcare, or housing. Some of our neighbors are currently homeless while homes are vacant. With this, some areas are being gentrified with luxury condos and apartment buildings, like Fountain Square and the 16-tech innovation district. Our money should be going to help the locals who are struggling.

At this assembly, we’ll put together Hope Packages for our community, experience how our assemblies contribute to realizing a political vision, and explore more ways to organize together!

We are excited to finally have a way for you to give to Hope Packages on a one-time or monthly/annual basis! Because we don’t take money from NGOs or the charity-industrial complex, our collective donations sustain this important project. This month we especially need socks, underwear, and deodorant, as well as other essentials that we always need to refill.

While donating is the best way to support Hope Packages, you can also purchase items directly from our Amazon wish list that will be sent to the Indianapolis Liberation Center.

When you donate to Hope Packages, you’re not only helping our homeless and unhoused community members survive but also working toward a larger overarching project of transforming our city. A transformation where instead of giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to real estate developers and banks, we use that money to actually solve the structures and systems that cause homelessness.

Featured photo: Volunteers assemble kits during a monthly meeting. Credit: Brandy Cunningham.