Speakout and march: Healthcare is a human right!

Monday, September 20
4:30-5:30 pm
Meet outside the Eli Lilly Corporate Center
(South St. & East St.)

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The 80 million individuals who have health coverage through Medicaid and CHIP and the 30 million individuals with no insurance represent a significant portion of the working class. In addition to fighting for housing, living wages, food, education, freedom from debt, freedom of migration, or freedom from criminalization and incarceration, the working class must now fight to ensure its right to healthcare as well.

With something like 22% of Americans already covered by Medicaid and more than half of children covered by CHIP, we must expand to a truly universal and comprehensive single payer healthcare system with no restrictions or hurdles. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Nonviolent Medicaid Army to demand your right to healthcare!

This event is an opportunity to:

  • Connect with and organize people directly impacted by denial of health care, bring those stories and demands into the public discussion around health care
  • Develop organizations and leaders of the poor for the long haul
  • Fight for the political independence of the poor and unity across lines of difference and division. The Nonviolent Medicaid Army of the poor is a growing militant force of the poor and dispossessed, united across identities, regions, races, and issues, modeled after King’s “nonviolent army of the poor” from the first Poor People’s Campaign.