Protest: Install Hayes as CEO now! Create a Library Board that represents the people!

Monday, Dec. 12
5:30 pm
Indianapolis Central Library

40 St. Clair St.
Front Steps

Initiated by: Indianapolis Liberation Center and AFSCME Local 3395 Union Leadership
Endorsed by: Hope Packages, Party for Socialism and Liberation – Indianapolis, ANSWER Indiana, Indy10 Black Lives Matter, The Indiana District, CPUSA, Arte Mexicano en Indiana, and more to come.

As the IndyStar’s Ko Lyn Cheang reported, the Indianapolis Library Board of Trustees’ vote on Dec. 8 to approve Gabriel Morley over Nichelle Hayes was “met with intense pushback from dozens of library union workers and community members who showed up in support of Hayes and shouted ‘shame’ and ‘boo’”. Since that time, the petition signatures in support of Hayes have more than tripled, and more signatures continue to pour in. 

In an immediate victory for the people, Morley declined the offer on the very next day. Yet the Board has still not appointed Hayes and indicated they will conduct an entirely new search for CEO.

It is clear that the library board explicitly disrespected the people of Indianapolis and ignored the consensus in the community that Hayes should be our library leader. Even two Board members, Dr. Khaula Murtadha and Patricia Payne, admitted that the decision represented a betrayal. According to the IndyStar article, Murtadha “said choosing Morley went against the choice of the community, who had spoken up in letters, phone calls and emails, to support Hayes.”

But the struggle isn’t over yet! Just like we mobilized to oust the former CEO Jackie Nytes, and just like we organized to oust Morley, we can act to get the people’s candidate in: Nichelle Hayes! The workers and community hold the real power, and if we exercise it we can not only reverse this decision, but create a new board that truly represents the people of this city.

Join us on the front steps of the Central Library to make it clear that we won’t stand for this! We demand that the IndyPL Board immediately install Hayes as CEO, that Salinas resign, and that we create a new Library Board that truly represents the people!

To endorse this action, contact Derek Ford of the Indianapolis Liberation Center.