Women vs. the system: Ex-husband weaponizes court for profit

Friday, June 12
1:00 pm
Hamilton County Superior Court 2
1 N 8th St. Suite 384, Noblesville, IN

We at ANSWER Indiana and the Indianapolis community at-large are committed to struggling for a world where Black women and their children are ensured their right to self-determination. Women have been forced to exist under the dominance of men for centuries. Due to their often tenuous financial situation and need for spousal support, many women are coerced into remaining in unhappy or potentially violent marriages. Black women are particularly susceptible to this, as they earn some of the lowest wages in the U.S. Even after leaving their marriage, some women, like Dr. Meleeka Clary, find men continuing to control them by attacking their ability to simply afford to exist.

Dr. Clary has been fighting her ex-husband, Michael Ghosh, for the past 15 years. Ghosh has been using the state court apparatus as a means to attack her for all of her assets. Getting her story out has been one part of her journey to justice. In 2023, Dr. Clary produced a film bringing to light her ongoing trauma of an attorney, her ex-husband, leveraging his personal connections in the courts, titled Three Corners of Deception

Now, according to Dr. Clary, Ghosh is working with Judge Jonathan Brown to freeze the financial accounts of Dr. Clary’s daughters, and continues his barrage of wasting the justice system’s time, money, and resources to attack Dr. Clary and her children. Dr. Clary points to this collusion as a blatant instance of judicial fraud. The abuse and intimidation of women by men represents the misogynistic oppression that is still rampant in current society, and this situation is just one of thousands experienced by women all over the country at the hands of men. 

We call this press conference before Dr. Clary’s court hearing to defend her case. Show up for Dr. Clary and make sure that women’s freedoms and rights are defended here and everywhere!

Featured image: Dr. Clary (right) present in court.