Vigil to honor police brutality victim Christian Hall

Thursday, December 30 @ 6:30 pm
Indiana State House (Steps on S. Capitol Ave)
Organized by: Asian Adoptees of Indiana
Sponsored by: Indianapolis Liberation Center and ANSWER Indiana

Indianapolis will join cities across the U.S. for a rally and vigil as we mourn the loss and honor the life of Christian Hall, who was killed by police officers with his hands up in Stroudsburg, PA. Christian was killed on December 30, 2020 after experiencing a mental health crisis. Like many transracial adoptees, Christian battled ongoing trauma stemming from his adoption. What he needed was support and understanding, but instead he was gunned down with his hands up.

Christian should still be here and so should all other victims of police violence. Let’s honor Christian’s memory and the memory of all those lost at the hands of the police by unifying and fighting for an end to police violence together. We will honor Christian Hall’s memory with a candlelight vigil and speak out.

Our demands:

  1. A full impartial investigation
  2. The removal, arrest, and filing of criminal charges against all officers involved in Christian’s death
  3. Funding for mental health resources, not police
  4. The adoption system must change and it must put adoptee voices first
  5. State required lifetime mandatory post-adoption resources for all adoptees from state or private adoptions.

For more information, visit Justice for Christian Hall!