Book talk with Ken Hammond: “China’s Revolution and the Quest for a Socialist Future”

Friday, October 13
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
1800 N. Meridian St., Suite 305

With the threat of a U.S. war against China looming and with the Pentagon officially preparing for what they are calling “Great Power Rivalry,” it is absolutely crucial that all people, but especially pro-peace and progressive forces, be armed with the knowledge to counter the propaganda the corporate media, White House, and both the Democratic and Republican Parties spread constantly.

PSL Indianapolis invites the community for an important talk with Dr. Ken Hammond, a global peace activist and renowned expert on China, about his recent book, China’s Revolution and the Quest for a Socialist Future (2023).

Hammond first became involved with radical politics in 1968, when he was a leader of the anti-war movement at Kent State University. In addition to being an organizer with Pivot to Peace, Hammond is currently Professor of East Asian and Global History at New Mexico State University and is a former research fellow at the Institute of History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing.

Prof. Hammond’s latest book provides a sweeping and comprehensive overview of the modern history of China, a country that, until being subjected to the brutal political domination of Western and Japanese Imperialism during the “Century of Humiliation,” was one of the most prosperous countries in the world. In fact, the “sprouts of capitalism” emerged in China long before they did in England or Europe. China’s Revolution surveys this history and discusses how the successful Chinese Revolution of 1949 marked a new era of world history. It follows the development of New China from Mao Zedong’s leadership through the reforms and “opening up” of Deng Xiaoping right to the present day.

Learn the facts behind the propaganda about Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party, the people of China, and their desire for peace and prosperity for the world. Hammond will also discuss this recent history of China’s remarkable rise relative to the ongoing process of socialist construction.

This is an especially pertinent event for those of us in Indiana, given that Todd Rokita, our bigoted and extreme right-wing Attorney General, is one of the strongest voices calling for a violent confrontation with China. Rokita’s attacks on Black people, women, LGBTQ people, and reproductive freedom are based on white supremacist and imperialist lies. It should be clear that he isn’t telling the truth about China, but it is up to us to make that widely known.

After the talk, there will be ample time for Q&A and formal and informal discussions!