Peace In Venezuela Coalition teach-in feat. Mike Prysner

On March 23, 2019, the Peace In Venezuela Coalition hosted a teach-in at Butler University about the efforts of the United States to intervene and interfere in the affairs of Venezuela. The Peace In Venezuela Coalition is a newly-formed broad coalition of organizations opposed to U.S. intervention in Venezuela, including AFSC Indiana, Answer Indiana, Indianapolis Peace & Justice Center, Jewish Voice for Peace, Muslim Youth Collective, Democratic Socialists of America, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and others

Local activists and organizers addressed the crowd of forty attendees, detailing the history of imperialism, US imperialism in Latin America, and the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution. Attendees also watched a video from Empire Files exposing and debunking several myths around the coup attempt.

Iraq War veteran Mike Prysner, whose experiences in the Iraq War influenced his strong anti-war stance and peace activism, also addressed the audience via video. As a co-producer of Empire Files, he spent time in Venezuela and shared this ground-level eyewitness perspective. Boston-based peace activist Nino Brown also joined to discuss the historical failures of previous anti-war movements and tasks for the anti-war movement today.

Featured photo: ANSWER Co-Coordinator Noah Leininger addresses a crowd of activists opposing the attempted U.S. coup in Venezuela. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.