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Help PSL Indy maintain and expand our projects!

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Donate HERE today!

Our Urban Farm has crops emerging after just two weeks in action!

The Indianapolis branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation has, for several years now, been an integral part of the Indianapolis people’s movement. We are entirely funded by our members and supporters, and don’t accept donations from any government or corporate entities. Our work in various struggles is only possible because of the people’s support.

While all of our members work on a volunteer basis and we have no paid staff, we still have expenses. We need to maintain our People’s Power Urban Farm, make placards, signs, and banners, produce literature, host classes and protests, and help maintain the Indianapolis Liberation Center–both the physical space and the website–and so much more.

Workers and oppressed people in Indianapolis need these projects. The PSL’s Urban Farm, for example, helps fight hunger and environmental degradation, while teaching people how to work the land.

We have more plans in the works, and we’re asking our supporters to make an urgently needed donation so we can not only continue the crucial projects we already have, but expand our operations. Please donate and share today!

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